Curiculum Vitae

Corinna Holthusen is a conceptual artist specialised in photography and digital imaging. She deals with the topic of convergence of beauty, disgust, artificiality, naturalness ...perfectly worked faces, bodies and its destruction through new composition by several parts of different physiognomies.

Since 2016 also haptic breakup by material deposition on the surface of the photo prints. She uses acrylics and pigments to develop an emotional dimension on the print. 

  • 1967 Born in Hamburg, Germany
  • 1986 General Certificate of Secondary Education in Germany
  • 1986/87 Art studies at the Studio Art Centres International in Florence, Italy
  • 1987- 90 Studies of Photography at the Istituto Europeo di Design Milan, Italy
  • Since 1990 Corinna Holthusen works freelance in Hamburg
  • Since 1993 first experiences in digital imaging


'If in our capacity as viewers, we could delve into the places from where digital photography has emerged, we would be much more suspicious of the images by which we are surrounded. It is this kind of critical distance from the body of photography that we can learn from the works of Corinna Holthusen. In them the past, present and even future of human portraiture are as one.'

Thomas Wulffen 2005

Exhibitions & Awards

2023 Gold Medal Prix de la Photographie

2022 Selected for 200 best digital Artists, Lürzers Archive

2022 Affordable Art Fair, Groupshow, Affenfaust Galerie Hamburg,Deutschland

2022 Groupshow, Artbox Biennale, Venice,Italy

2022 Living Dolls, Solo show, Affenfaust Galerie Hamburg,Deutschland

2021 Affordable Art Fair, Groupshow, Affenfaust Galerie Hamburg,Deutschland
2021 POPUP, Groupshow, Affenfaust Galerie Hamburg,Deutschland

2021 APOCALYPSE, Groupshow, Affenfaust Galerie Hamburg,Deutschland

2020 APOCALYPSE, Groupshow, Affenfaust Galerie Hamburg,Deutschland

2020 SYNTHESE, Collaborative show with Florian Eymann, Affenfaust Galerie Hamburg,Deutschland

2019 THRE SOLOS, Affenfaust Galerie Hamburg,Deutschland

2019 Other Identity, Genua, Italien 

2018 Mash Up, Affenfaustgalerie, Hamburg, Deutschland

2018  SURFACES II, with Elmar Lause and Affenfaust Gallery Barlach Halle K, Hamburg, Germany

2018 Gold Medal Fine Art Porträt, One Eyelandawards

2018 International Color Awards Kategorie: Fine Art,Nominee

2018 Groupshow, Affenfaust Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

2018 Fotoweeks, Gallery Eikelmann, Düsseldorf, Germany 

2017 Award Winner Oneeylandawards  

Gold Category Fine Art Porträt for the Series Living Dolls

2017 may Soloshow, Gallery Loyal, Kassel Germany

2017 feb-march Soloshow, Barlach Halle K, Hamburg, Germany

2017 Photography Masters Cup, Fine Art, Nominee

2016 oct-nov Groupshow, Affenfaust Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

2016 Photography Masters Cup, Fine Art, Nominee

2015 Photography Masters Cup, Fine Art, Nominee

2014/15 dec - jan
Single Exhibition Artsalon Simone Bruhns, Hamburg, Germany

2014 april
Groupshow, Martijn Wanrooij Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2014 Photography Masters Cup, Fine Art, Nominee

2013 Photography Masters Cup, Fine Art, Nominee

2012 march - may
"06 -12 Review", Groupshow,Galerie von Kories, Hamburg

2012 feb - april
"VOLUPTIOUS VALENTINE", Single Exhibition,GG Gallery, London

2012 Photography Masters Cup, Fine Art, Honorable Mention

2011 Photography Masters Cup, Fine Art, Honorable Mention

2011 First Prize, Prix de la Photographie Paris, Fine Art, Gold

2011 sep - nov
"Marilyn Monroe, Legende, Mythos, Ikone", Groupshow Galerie Levy, Hamburg

2009 jun - aug
05/09 Review, Gruppenausstellung, GalerieHilaneh von Kories

2008/9 dec - febr
Reminisce, Gruppenausstellung, White Square Gallery, Las Vegas

2008 aug - nov
The joy of sex, Gruppenausstellung, White Square Gallery, Las Vegas

2008 sep - dec
Marilyn Life of a Legend Exhibition, Saginaw Art Museum, Michigan

2008 may - july
Marilyn Life of a Legend Exhibition Fine Arts Centerof Colorado Springs

2008 Febr-April
White Square Gallery, Group show, Las Vegas

Single Exhibition ( M ) Reflections,Galerie Hilaneh von Kories, Hamburg

2007 Oktober
Berlin “ Liste “ ( M ) Reflections

2006 may-june
Single Exhibition ( M ) Photos, Beat Galerie, Berlin

2005 june-july

`the nature of skin`Exhibition Hamburg,Kunsthaus,group show

2005 april-June
“(M)Photos“, Single Exhibition, Galerie Hilaneh von Kories, Hamburg
'marilyn monroe: vida de una leyenda'
centro cultural de la villa Madrid, group show

'Bilder die Lügen' (Image they lie) Exhibition Hamburg,
Art Museum Hamburg, group show
'Marilyn Life of a Legend' Exhibition
Istanbul and Valencia, group show

'Bilder die Lügen' (Image they lie) Exhibition Berlin,
Arthistoric Museum Germany, group show

2003 oct-dec
'Christliche Motive' Exhibition Halle,
Kunsthalle Halle, group show

2003 apr-sept
'Marilyn Life of a Legend' Exhibition London,
County Hall Gallery, group show

2003 april
'Lead Award Cover of the year' for a Cover
published in the SZ Magazine

2002 may-june
Single Exhibition 'Konvergenz II',
Gallery Hohmann,Hamburg

2001 sept
Single Exhibition 'Konvergenz II',
American European Fine Art, N.Y.

2000 july
'Lead Award generated image 2000', for a series
published in the “ Spiegel Reporter”

2000 july
Single Exhibition 'Konvergenz I',
Gallery B. Eikelmann, Düsseldorf

Exhibition 'Paravent Projekt',
Gallery B.Eikelmann, Düsseldorf
First Price Kodak Digital Imaging Award

ADC Bronze medal for a series published in the “ Spiegel Special”

Media Exhibition Hamburg, group show

1996 jan-feb
Single Exhibition 'Art Projekt',
Gänsemarkt Passage, Hamburg

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